Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Toni & Guy/ Yen Young Australian Artist of 2012!

If you are a female artist and/or illustrator aged between 18 and 35, share your talent here for the opportunity to be crowned he Toni&Guy / Yen Young Australian Artist of 2012! While you're at it, or if you want to support some talent - have a look at our friend's work below. Donna is an extremely talented young lady. We have watched grow and develop her awesome painting skills over the last 3 years. Well done Donna! Go on the link and like the page to show your support!

Michael Peck's upcoming show!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Gabriel Moreno -

The lovely Scarlett Mellows

Scarlett has been one busy bee the last few months. Here's a sneak peek of her work in her up coming show! More details soon! 

Be Happy!

Just the other day I purchased this book from one of my favourite stores called Kikki.K. It is an adorable little book that includes 170 ways to transform your day. It's a great reminder that even the smallest changes can impact our life and as Patrick Lindsay says 'you are the vehicle for this change'. It's also a fabulous gift idea! 

Let me share one with you today...

Enjoy the silence

In a world of constant clamour
silence can be pure pleasure.
It can provide a haven
and allow your own melodies to flourish.
Seek out the quiet corners.
Enjoy the liberating space they provide.
Fill the silent space with calm thought
and revive your spirits.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Issue #15: Transform

Just To Annoy You no longer believes in deadlines!
Please send all your submissions to

Smells like Zine Distro

Well, as our baby grows older, the Just to Annoy You! Zine has become quite adventurous. Yes, we are all nervous as any parent would be about our little Zine venturing out into the world, but also very, very excited. Because Just To Annoy You! Is now available in another land far from Melbourne at the Smells like Zine’s Distro!, Toowoomba, QLD. 

How did this come about? Well, we met these wonderful people at no place other than the 2011 Melbourne Zine Fair. The guys over at Smells like Zines have just opened their brand new Zine store last month, and in the near future hope to spread their wings over as much of QLD as possible. We at Just to Annoy You! would like to send our congratulations to Smells like Zines, and our biggest thanks to them for helping to support the growing Zine community. Yes with our power combined we will eventually get a zine into the hands of every good Australian… and then the world. 

Be sure to travel over to their website for more info and updates on upcoming events: